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Our Ethos

The Ethos Committee meets four times a year: September, November, February and June.  The committee comprises the Foundation Governor, the Link Governor of the school, the Vicar of the Parish Father Daniel French, the Church organist Trevor Becker, the lead of Kingsbridge Youth for Christ, Becky Evans, the Head of School and the Spiritual Detectives.

Members individually visit the school regularly.  Father Daniel undertakes Holy Communion lessons in the Summer Term with the Year 6 children.  Becky Evans teaches the children how to use their school Bibles, which are presented to Year 6 children in the Autumn Term.  She also shares modern Christian songs and encourages children to join in with actions.  Trevor Becker comes to school every week to teach traditional hymns which are also sung in Church.

We are lucky to have such close links with our Church Community and for the support they give to our School Family.

The children visit the Church on the first Wednesday of each month.  We also hold our Harvest Festival, Remembrance Service, Christingle Service, Christmas performances, Mother's Day Service, Easter Service and our Year 6 Leavers' Service in Church.  The Spiritual Detectives are involved with the events the Church holds.

The School sends regular reports to the Church Magazine and attends lots of community events.

The Foundation Governor is a member of the Church and attends the Parish AGM and other community meetings and activities.

The School is very much a part of the Malborough community and at the heart of the village.